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With her passion for gemstones,  and her family connection to them, Amanda originally qualified as a gemmologist and continues to design jewellery

However, in 1999 a cancer diagnosis led her on an inner and outer journey, literally to the other side of the world….to Hawaii.

Having practiced meditation since her twenties Amanda was aware of the immense power of the mind/body connection.  This subsequently resulted in her getting her MA in the Psychology of Religion which covered many different cultural approaches to behaviour and wellbeing.  With her diagnosis she realised she had no time to waste in exploring many different avenues to healing, from Eastern and Western perspectives, which included  nutrition, meditation, acupuncture, yoga  and Phyllis Krystal’s Cutting the Ties that Bind technique, amongst so many others.  She is still so grateful for the help she received from people who  seemed to appear like ‘signposts’ along the way.

It was during some of these sessions, and subsequent dreams, that it became clear that the next step forward would be to go to Hawaii to swim with wild dolphins.

“Arrriving on the Big Island I immediately felt the strong pulse of the land. My first swim with a hundred wild dolphins in the bay, where I subsequently lived, proved my guidance had been right. There is scientific evidence to prove that the frequency which dolphins emit clears the energetic body.  I met many people who had instant results, and I could  feel their effect.”

She continued to work on clearing what she felt was a blockage, and reduced the size of the tumour  by half within a year.  She then felt the time was right to go with the advice of her surgeon, to his relief,  and have surgery to remove the remaining tumour.   Following the preparation she had she was lucky enough to have no side effects from the surgery.