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Amanda is an experienced wellbeing and stress management therapist based in Central London. Her particular skills enable clients to address the root cause of specific problems, enabling them to move forward in their lives feeling calm, confident and empowered. Her corporate wellbeing and stress management training includes critical information on all aspects of wellbeing, with practical tools to take away, that assist clients to reach optimal personal performance on all levels.
  • Stress, trauma and anxiety management

  • Relationships, Codependency, Cutting the Ties that Bind

  • Addictions and 12 step recovery

  • Bereavement, divorce and illness

  • Life Coaching

  • Anger Management

  • Cancer support

  • Meditation and body awareness

(picture of Amanda)
Some of Amanda's clients have said:
  • "After a very tough breakup of a relationship I was feeling exhausted and scarred. Amanda helped me explore the root of my problems and suggested several exceptionally effective strategies to enable me to ‘Cut the Ties’ from old problematic ways of being. I felt safe and supported and that the procedure saved my sanity"
  • "Feeling in a state of despair I sought Amanda’s help. Her sensitivity and professional skills helped me beyond all expectation and I moved forward with renewed confidence"
  • "Amanda’s holistic approach traced the origin of my fear of lifts to a childhood trauma. The Emotional Freedom Technique she taught me has finally broken this pattern"
  • "In the throes of a painful divorce Amanda helped me to uncover some self-destructive patterns of behaviour. I am so grateful for the ‘tools’ she taught me enabling me to strengthen my boundaries and rebuild my self-esteem"
  • "Realising my anger was badly affecting all my relationships Amanda and I worked on this and found large areas of sadness which I had not allowed to surface before. Having had a space for my grieving I now feel lighter and my relationships are greatly improved"
  • "Having done some meditation in each session with Amanda I now practice this every day and I can say it has transformed my life – I feel calmer and happier"